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Our Fundraising Efforts

It's all fun and games when we get to share our bike racing experiences with you all, that's for sure. Bike racing is an incredibly rewarding hobby, and we've been able to ride and race our bikes in some amazing places. But at some point, the adventure of riding and racing starts to feel a little self-serving. 

So with the scope of undertaking a race as big as the Cape Epic again in 2017, we have decided to put that magnitude to good use, raising money for the Stollery Children's Hospital.

Read Our Fundraising Story Below OR

An Epic Undertaking

2015 was our first crack at the Cape Epic, and it was more testing than we could have ever imagined. 

The Cape Epic is hosted annually in South Africa, with the Prologue taking place in or near Cape Town before the race ventures out through the Western Cape.

At 15,680 km away, Cape Town is in the top 5 of furthest possible cities of 1,000,000+ population from Edmonton. That's a long way to travel for a bike race! 

Fast Facts
The flight(s) from Edmonton to Cape Town are approximately 24 hours of in-air time.
South Africa time is 8 hours ahead of MST.
South Africa has:
3 capital cities.
11 official languages.
The world's longest wine route.
South Africa is the world's second largest producer of fruits.
Cape Town also plays host to the largest mass-start cycling event, the Cape Argus Cycle Tour.

What Kind of Bike Race?

The Cape Epic is the most televised mountain bike stage race in the world, and the only mountain bike stage race classed as hors catégorie (a fancy French term for beyond classification) by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI - the international governing body of the sport). 650 teams of 2 riders are allowed in each year to tackle the 8 day race on varied off-road terrain on a route that changes every year. The distance covered over the 8 days ranges from 700-800 km each year, with approximately 55,000 feet of vertical ascent each year. 

In 2015, we raced the Epic for the first time

We covered 739 km of off-road terrain

Or the equivalent of riding

London to Frankfurt

Edmonton to Prince George

Sacremento to Portland

New Orleans to Nashville


We climbed 52,165 vertical feet

Or the equivalent of climbing Mt. Everest from base camp to summit just under 5 times!

The highest temperature we rode in was 39 celsius

As recorded by our Garmin's on Stage 3

Over 10% of the racers dropped out before the finish

And we crossed the finish line with a cumulative time of

     57 h, 5 m, 13 s

If you got in your car in Edmonton and drove as long as we raced you could drive to Mexico City!

And we're doing it all over again in 2017!


Now it's the part where we ask you to donate to our fundraiser. 100% of your donations go directly to the Stollery. We don't take a cent! We've funded the considerable entrance fee and travel arrangements on our own dime. If you're even a little bit inspired by this undertaking, please hit the button below which will take you directly to our Stollery Fundraising Page on the Stollery Website. You can donate any amount you want, no matter the size. Even $1 makes a difference! 

Thanks for considering donating to our cause!