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'17, a season of extremes.

Updated: Nov 23, 2018

I'm sitting here, still sipping my first cup of coffee, and I'm having am all too familiar "throw back" moment. With March comes the Epic, and as of late, it's what brings me out of hibernation, sparking a desire to ride again. Flipping through my photos, it's been a nice morning collating pics with memories, while plotting this years racing.

2017 season was a season of extremes. It took me from one one end of the world to another; It saw races timed on stopwatches and calendara; and I saw the mercury move over 70°c from the coldest race to the hottest race:

Cyclocross racing '17. This is full gas, 1 hour racing - a far cry from Epic racing. Hurts like hell (even at the back of the pack).

"Puncheur Cross" Devon Alberta 2017

Bringing it home, at home. This is 2 hours of "Iceman Cometh" racing, in my home state of Michigan. I capped of '17 with a bucket list race, aided by most of my siblings, a niece, and nephew - and REALLY good beer!!

"Iceman Cometh" Kalkaska Michigan, 2017

Cashing in on my endurance stockpile, I went 24 hours solo, and hit the podium. Evan and Huy manning the pit, and managing me and my rollercoaster of emotions and suffering. It was "hot" too, not Africa hot, but low 30°c is Alberta hot.

"24 Hours of Adrenalin" Canmore Alberta, 2017

"Cape Epic", 7 days in South Africa which broke some and built others. A race so long, you need to shave by the last day (if you make it that far).

"Cape Epic" Western Cape, South Africa. 2017

A series of subzero racing, on a fat bike, in the snow. '45NRTH Triple Crown" race series saw the mercury hit -25°c, while racing 3+ hours. These races started in November '16 and were the kick-off to my Epic training.

"45NRTH Triple Crown" Edmonton Alberta. November 2016

Prep'em for triage! 47°c, better spent poolside, instead, we "raced" across the South African countryside. A far cry from fat bike racing in Alberta, yet it's this knd of thing that draws me back to this race. (can someone please ask my wife if I can race it in '19?)

"Cape Epic" Western Cape, South Africa, 2017

Second cup is gone:

Now is the time to dust off the bucket list, peruse the Alberta race schedule, and see what I can fit in to my family calendar. Already registered for Novembers "Iceman Cometh", and already working on speed at ATHX this season won't be about the endurance. Instead, I'm planning on some XC racing, a full cross season, all culminating with the want of a sub two hours Iceman.

Working on my trail confidence at speed will be a top priority to make this season successful, and if you ask those that know me, it'll be a lofty goal to say the least.

It's nice to be back! Time to shave my legs, and build this years race bike.

As always, thanks for reading!


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