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And so it begins.

In with the new:

With it being a new season, we've made some changes and are looking at a wicked cool season. Evan has worked quite hard with bringing the new website online and it will detail our escapades all year long. He had a good laugh at watching me navigate updating my bio section and learning to post a blog. (he's 12 years old and technology is easy for him)

Our sponsors for the 2016 and early 2017 season:


We are excited to continue our relationship with River Valley Health. What can we say, that we haven't said time and time again about RVH. Derek and his staff are what keep Evan and I going. From physical care with Chiro and massage, Shari and her nutritional coaching, and the trainers making us stronger, RVH is the place to feel welcome and get fit.


The support and encouragement from Chris Check and the Pedalhead loyalists is immeasurable. Both Evan and I are staff at Phead so when we ask to both be away for extended periods of time, it takes a special boss to make it work. The product line at Phead leaves us wanting for nothing: Norco, Cannondale, Giant.... Top notch service, knowledgable staff - I wouldn't shop any place else!


In his last blog post, Evan mentioned we've also partnered with Edmonton based JHM Fuels Canada for this season. A one stop dot com that offers exercise and sporty lifestyle fuelling options. Having one place to get the staples, AND have access to unique items that you'd likely have to travel to a different store for each different brand or worse yet have to go internationally for is so cool.

2016 and early '17 race news:

It's hard to be upset with what is seeming to be an early spring here in the YEG. I know enough to not get super stoked when warm weather comes early, as inevitably, there will be more snow and crud to come... but I'll take what I can get in the mean time. To that end, this winter has been mild. The trails have been sweet since the first snowfall last November and its only been conducive to great fat bike riding in the city - bring on the racing!

24 Hours of Light - Whitehorse, Yukon June 25-26

Evan and I will be making the trek to Whitehorse this June to race as a two person team at the 24 Hours of Light. Being a bucket list race for Evan and I, we are excited to start the year off with an RV trip to the land of the midnight sun.

24 Hours of Adrenaline - Canmore, Alberta July 16-17

Sticking with the duo theme, Evan and I will again be racing a two person team in Canmore this July at the 24 Hours of Adrenalin. Always a favourite race for us, and coming off resectable solo attempts of last year for both of us, we are looking forward to celebrating the races 20 year anniversary.

ABA Alberta Cup Mountain Bike Series and Cyclocross - Summer/Fall 2016

Tentative plans for the mountain bike race season have been made. It's a light calendar as it is, but with the strong June and July schedule, a light MTN season will be welcomed. Same can be said for CX, but not for the same reason. The CX calendar is as full as ever and we have even talked about making the trip to Nationals in QC. There might be some sacrifices to be made if all goes to plan???

CAPE EPIC - Cape Town, South Africa March 19-26 2017

Plan you ask? The plan is, we do our damnedest to register for the '17 race when it goes live at 15:00 South Africa time on March 21st. It only took 9 minutes to sell out last year so Evan the 12 year old, will have to wake up his modem extra early to try and be one of the few to gain entry. We had such a "terrible" time racing it last year, that we had to go back.

We are so happy to be working with our sponsors and will try to make the most of the new season. Thank you so much for taking the time to follow along.

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