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Holiday/January Epic Update

Happy New Year!

Oh how time flies, it's mid January, and about 60 days to go to the race. It's been a great few weeks of training, and for the most part, Mother Nature has been kind. The fat bike has seen a lot of action as of late, and even has been raced for a couple of the 45NRTH Fatbike Triple Crown races. Apart from a shoe-breaking crash, that caused a "sprain" of my ankle/foot, just days before a Periodization off week (knocking on wood and huge props to River Valley Health) I've been able to keep the aches and pains at bay.

Happy Body Comp Testing:

What a difference a couple weeks make. To boot, those couple weeks just happened to span Christmas and I wasn't looking forward to the calipers even though I knew that I was in good shape even with the illness that attacked my home just before the holiday. I should know better...

Below data show December 30 measurements, and the (change) from December 2nd test:

Chest: 5 (+.2)

Abdominal: 12.67 (-1.63)

Thigh: 9.67 (-2.13)

Triceps: 8 (-3.8)

Subscapular: 11.83 (-1.37)

Superiliac: 7 (-3)

Midaillary: 10.67 (+.07)

Body Fat %: 11.22 (-1.77)

Pounds of Body Fat: 21.65 (-3.55)

Lean Body Weight: 171.3 (+2.5)

It's great to see numbers like this, as it proves that my time on the bike, and the hours in the gym at River Valley Health are paying off. My goal is 10% BF, a percentage that I can maintain and remain as healthy as possible.

My fuelling program this time around, is a lot less "clean" and yet I'm still able to get where I want to be as far as my body is concerned.,

Happy Results:

Along with the body comp testing, I've been keeping with the 20minute FTP tests, just to try and quantify my workout results. I tested FTP on September 25th and got 320w. When I recently tested on December 14th, I put up *350w! That's a huge number for me, and it's got me excited that I'll have the legs to get me through the long days in South Africa. Our'15 Epic training saw us doing long grinding rides and in retrospect, not so good to get us up and down the big climbs in South Africa. This go-round we are doing more sustained efforts to help us with the mad ups of the Epic and the last FTP test is some proof to the training being effective.

*Wattage measured on KICKR. Same test wattage from my Stages was 341

Happy Last Few Weeks:

It's getting so close now, and thank goodness we've yet to reach that point where there is nothing more we can do to prepare. I'm trying to keep a clear head keep with the routine. My family has been really supportive so it makes it all the easier to do this self absorbed adventure.

Our January 29th "Spin 4 the Stollery" event is coming up fast. If you are hesitant to register because you don't know that spinning on a trainer is your thing, please don't be shy as it's for a great cause. We also have access to many spin bikes, so you can't even use the excuse that you don't have a bike to ride. Info can be found here: "Spin 4 the Stollery"

Wont be long now, and this thing will be seeing Cape Town

Happy to have you all along for the ride:

As always, thank you. Thank you to all of you who are giving to our Stollery Hospital Foundation fundraiser. Thank you to all who are flowing along. Thank you for the encouragement. Thank you for looking to our sponsors: River Valley Health; Pedalhead Bicycle Works; JHM Fuels.


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