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November/December Epic Update.

I know these updates are failing to hit the press in a timely fashion, but these days every free moment is being spent on a saddle, in a gym, or in a kitchen - oh and there is some bed time in there someplace too but I plan to keep you all out of my bedroom.

Chew the fat:

I'm in a good space as of late. Time on the bike, with fantastic trails, have made for good weeks of training. And my Thursdays in the gym have been killer! Maybe 'killer' is a bit strong, but a week or so ago, at the 60 minute mark of an hour workout, I was asked if I had a couple extra minutes for a little extra. Upon saying yes, I found out that 300 yards of sled pushing was that little bit extra! The tenth trot down and back, pushing 135+lbs across astroturf was pretty rough, but then again, so is 8 days in South Africa.

I was able to get in to see Dana at the Base for an unfortunately timed post workout body comp test mid November. With family commitments, workouts, etc... scheduling a date with the callipers post workout was the best I could do. Evidently, and I don't attest to be an authority, any kind of body comp testing post workout won't give you an accurate reading. Your bodies process for mending stressed/damaged muscles, sees fluid retention to aid in recovery....

When this retention happens, it only goes to reason that a calliper would see for a bigger reading during skin fold tests. Feeling as strong as I do, and doing better then ever in the gym, I would expect to have seen more than 1% decrease in my body fat percentage(BFP), but that's almost as much as I saw with my last test.

The bellow data show November 17th measurements, and then the (change) from the October measurements:

Chest 6.5 ( +/-0)

Abdominal 16 ( -4)

Thigh 13.5 (+1)

Triceps 11.75 (+.75)

Subscapular 12.75 (-.75)

Suprailiac 11 (-2.5)

Midaxillary 13 (+1)

Body Fat % 14.14 ( -.88%)

Pounds of BF 27.43 (-1.57)

Lean Body Weight 166.57 (+1.57) This is a good increase - it's a key factor in power-to-weight.

***Considering all of the gym work we do at The Base is rooted in core, lats, glutes, the increased readings form the skin fold test in those areas only make sense considering the workout we had that day prior to my test.

Couldn't let it go:

Because I'm that kind of guy, with deep seeded issues with my weight, I wanted to go waste more of Dana's time and see if we could re-do my testing. That's said in jest - the Cape Epic is gruelling, and having more accurate data of my person will help me better tweak my fuelling/training if needed.

The few times I could make it in to The Base, the gym was full and there was no time for testing - or when Dana was free, I had home duties or the like. Welcome December. I have had a great stretch of training, a 4 hours fat bike race, and have been able to better manage a realistic fuelling program. I was able to get in to see Dana this past Friday, and as we both happy to find, things were progressing wonderfully.

The bellow data show December 2nd measurements, and the (change) from October measurments:

Chest 4.8 ( -1.7)

Abdominal 14.3 ( -5.7)

Thigh 11.8 (-.7)

Triceps 11.8 (+.8)

Subscapular 13.2 (-.3)

Suprailiac 10 (-3.5)

Midaxillary 10.6 (+3.4)

Body Fat % 12.99 ( -2.08%)

Pounds of BF 25.2 (-3.8)

Lean Body Weight 168.8 (+3.8)

**** I compare December testing to October because it better describes my physical state and not influenced by a workout.

Stay on target:

Apart from needing to change some on-bike fuelling with regards to what protein drink I can stomach, things are progressing nicely. Workouts are getting longer, and the weather is looking to become more December like. This will mean I will be spending more and more time indoors on a bicycle.

Trainer spinning is lacking the dynamics of outdoor riding and becomes quite a bit more linear. I am spending huge chunks of time in only a couple saddle positions and it's causing some friction in the, well, area closest to the saddle. If it doesn't snow soon, I might be needing an early visit to the "Bum Clinic"

Apart from that which we never speak of again, I am maintaining a healthy body, thanks to the Dr's, therapists and trainers at The Base. I'm fending off those usual aches and pains associated with increased workload. Every thing is on track, yet I don't expect it to be smooth sailing until March.

As always, it's nice to have you following along. Thank you for the time and the read.

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