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Seven thousand accomplishments.

It was to be just another day at ATHX. I was lying on the turf warming up, trying to wrap my brain around the pending suffer. I'm building for another attempt at Iceman and my gym time has been... energetic. My phone buzzed, and being the 'parent on call', I had to look; it was just Evan. He says he "just got an email". I was hoping he just was gifted millions by a desperate Sheik, but alas, it wasn't the case.

Spin just to spin

My summer was so enjoyable with absolutely no race stress - I rode for the joy of riding. Novembers Michigan race has been enough for me to stay focused on my bicycle, and I was quite content training for my health all spring and summer, and then ramping it up come fall.

It wasn't until Evans text that it got complicated. We have been planning a "big" race, but there was nothing definite. One of two races we were looking at, registration had come and gone, and the other is so remote its demand doesn't require an immediate commitment.

Complicated is, Evan had received an email from the Cape Epic and it said he was so very lucky (sarcasm?) and won a lottery entry into the 2019 race. Now what? That FOMO that was non existent seeing those other two race registrations come and go, was now ever present and at full strength thinking about missing a trip to race in South Africa..... again.

The ball rolling

It's not so simple for me to take a large chunk of time away from the family considering I'm the guy who runs the house. My wife works long and typically stressful hours, and me being away is just one more thing on her plate. The four plus months of training and racing doesn't only affect me when she says yes to something like this, it's a whole family meal deal; so when she gives me the green light to hit go, it's a huge.


You might be asking, why? If you know us, and know anything about the Cape Epic, you'd have your answer right there. This race destroys us in a way that is intoxicating. Racing when it's 47c; constantly minding the tedious bits of trail; cramming another bite of food into a stomach ready to explode... And all to do it again the next day! That's why. It's a thousand accomplishments every day. If we make the finish line, WHOA, that's even better.

The race, she's a "cruel mistress".

More to come

Training has started already, or at least the foundation of our training plans are being built.; We'll be hosting another spinathon for the Stollery Foundation too. Look for more frequent updates now that we have a topic.

As always, thanks for reading and following along on the Epic winter training and racing.



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